Darwin’s Missed Islands – The Balearics


Director: Toni Escandell
Production Country: Spain
Production Year։ 2019
Duration։ 52 minutes
Produced by: Marina Seguí



The islands that Charles Darwin Would have liked to explore.  In the Mediterranean Sea, there is a group of isolated lands whose inhabitants evolved separately from the rest of the planet. We’re talking about a world apart with unique fauna, made up of four main islands that have thousands of tales to tell. The Balearic Islands tells stories about a group of remote lands that are isolated by the sea and where part of the flora and fauna are indigenous, while other species arrived from the neighboring continents and evolved in isolation from the rest of the world, as happened in the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. In the Balearic Islands, Evolution also endowed plants and animals with shapes and forms of behavior that are unique in the world. Each island had its own distinct faunal, botanical, and environmental features, and today they continue to exhibit some of these differences. On these islands, it’s still possible to find living relics among the ancient and distinct flora and fauna,much of which has disappeared. These are the islands that Charles Darwin would have liked to explore.