Terms & Usage Rights


• All filmmakers/ applicants accept and agree to comply with the following Terms & Usage Right.
• Only the films produced after June, 2017 are eligible for the festival competition section. Films produced before the mentioned date may be selected for the informational program of the festival.
• Films that have been submitted to SunChild IEFF previously are not eligible to be resubmitted.
• Application forms should be filled in and submitted before the festival deadline.
• Depending on which deadline you are applying to, applicant must pay corresponding entrance fee.
• All of the following MUST be attached.

1. Full dialog list in original language and in English
2. 3 high quality photos presenting scenes from the film (size 1920×1080, JPEG or PNG format)
3. Summary of the film.
4. The filmmaker’s biography.
5. The filmmaker’s professional photo (squared, minimal size 400×400, JPEG or PNG format).

Attachments are REQIRED. Missing any of the documents mentioned above might be reason for disqualification.

• Submitting a form means permission for screening the film in frames of festival, if being selected.
• The festival has a right to extend up to 5-minute fragments from films to TV channels for the festival’s promotional activities.
• Information about the selected films (including director’s name, production county, production year, project duration and short synopsis) will be posted at film festival’s webpage http://sunchild.fpwc.org/
• In case of submitting a hard copy, festival will not cover the returning cost of hard copies.
• After the screenings during the festival, films will supplement the festival’s archive.
• The applicant is responsible for the film’s content which mustn’t contain any working law violation or offensive element. Applicant is responsible for any possible violation of copyrights (music and/or other).
• Film will be disqualified if it contains any watermarks in the uploaded version of the movie or version at download link.
• Festival may screen film multiple times in frames of festival. Festival is required to ask for permission before any other screening beyond the frames of the festival.
• Submitted film will travel through the regions of Armenia and will be used for non-profit educational and awareness raising purposes.

• The applicant may submit unlimited number of films.
• Submitted application form suggests agreement with all the points of this regulation.
• Entry Form of the festival can be found on our web page.
In case of having a screening fee, please contact us at film(at)sunchild.org BEFORE submitting the form. The festival will refuse to pay upon any post factum notifications.