On a planet that faces complex issues that threaten to tear us apart, WE HOPE TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO FIND COMMON GROUP AND THE CONNECTION THAT IS NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN LIFE

We strive to provide a platform for people to come together, learn and create solutions.


The Festival screens wildlife and environmental films from all over the world and hosts workshops, exhibitions and media campaigns designed to foster a culture of environmental stewardship. During the 9 years of the festival’s existence, more than 300 films from 150 countries around the world have been screened. The SunChild International Environmental Festival is the first and only of its kind in the South Caucasus region.

The Festival takes place in autumn, but it also hosts screenings and workshops year round throughout Armenia for youth. This provides a space for youth to understand and engage environmental issues in order to find local solutions.

SunChild International Environmental Festival has been organized annually since 2007 by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).




Best Environmental Issues Film

Autumn: World of Colours

Best Journalistic Investigation

Mining Caucasian Gold



Mikayel Dovlatyan


Ovsanna Hovsepyan


Arthur Manukyan


Karen Avetisyan


Hermine Hakobyan


Arsen Gasparyan


Narek Grigoryan


Nune Sarukhanyan


Armine Israyelyan


Ruben Khachatryan

Founder of SunChild IEFF

From day-to-day humanity immerses itself in an environmental crisis which was a result of its inconsistent actions throughout the decades. We take our planet and our future to destruction with our own hands, deepening the disaster that will eventually destroy us. Unless we stop for a moment and say to ourselves: that’s enough. The time has come to create a new future.

Having all this in mind, the idea to establish the SunChild International Environmental Festival came in Y2005, which would result in a revolutionary change of thinking and attitude towards nature among the young generation. Out future has to be green! By infusing the idea of merging art and nature to the young generation, we have already given the public a few generations who truly love the planet and support the nature they are surrounded by. I believe, that the SunChild International Environmental Festival will have a long run and will result in a wishful change we all need!

Only with a decent environmental education and awareness we make our conservational work successful.

Sona Kalantaryan

Director of the SunChild IEFF

Our planet is on the brink of a severe environmental crisis. To confront the challenges, the planet and our communities face we need to increase the active participation and partnership with young people. Youth voice will result in a tremendous impact on changes towards environmental issues, thus we choose youth as our main target for the SunChild IEFF to increase awareness on wildlife conservation and environmental issues. Only with educated and competent young generation the future of our environment can be in good hands.


The handmade awards for the winners of the SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival’s 3 competition categories – “Wildlife”, “Environmental Issue” and “Children and Youth” – are made of recycled metals.

These unique art works are designed and created by a distinguished artist, founder of Baghdasar Studio Sargis Baghdasaryan.

Practical Information


  The project is implemented within the framework of “EU for Tourism: Community-Based Rural Tourism and Cultural Events in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor Marzes” project, funded by EU and jointly with World Vision Armenia.