Back to basics and awareness is observed throughout the world and more and more movies and documentaries are involved in these topics. 

Work for the respect and preservation of nature and the beings that compose it, this is our labor issues, and which is what many people are realizing every day.

This is what we want to share with you more than ever through this festival


SunChild International Environmental Festival has been organized annually since 2007 upon the joint initiative of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets and VivaCell-MTS.
The festival program includes wildlife and environmental films from all over the world, workshops, exhibitions, media campaigns and other events designed to raise awareness about the growing global challenge of nature conservation.

The festival takes place every autumn, however the events “travel” in the regions of Armenia throughout the whole year, involving a large number of children and youth, facilitating identification and creative solutions of community environmental issues by organizing thematic film screenings, discussions and other initiatives, encouraging and supporting to take action locally.

During the 9 years of existence more than 300 films from 150 countries around the world were screened, 3 carnival marches with thousands of youth participants, dozens of workshops, conferences and exhibitions were organized in the frames of the SunChild Festival.

The SunChild International Environmental Festival is the 1st and so far the only one in the South Caucasus region.




Frank Schweikert

Maria Saakyan

Raffi Movsisyan

Nune Hakhverdyan


Frank was born in Germany in 1963 and works as a journalist, biologist and freelance author for various radio and TV channels. He is a specialist in audio-visual and cross-media communication for science and technology, especially for the oceans.

Frank is currently founder and director of the German Ocean Foundation, President of the German Marine Litter Association and Vice President of the German Society for Marine Research.


In 2000 – 03 Maria Sahakyan made a series of mini-films for a multimedia encyclopedia about WWII and a few experimental short films.
Maria graduated in 2003 with a degree project The Farewell, which was premiered at Rotterdam IFF in Europe and Telluride IFF in USA.
Filmography The Game (2000), The Farewell (2003), The Lighthouse (2007), Terranova (2009), Nakhodka (2010), Entropy (2012), I’m Going to Change My Name (2013)


In 2010 Raffi Movsisyan graduated Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography with Master’s Degree in Film Studies.
From 2012 and to be present day Raffi works at “Golden Apricot” International Film Festival as а coordinator of Armenian Panorama National Competition Program.
He has participated in number of international film festivals as a jury member and presented Armenian modern cinema abroad.


Nune Hakhverdyan has graduated from the Yerevan Institute of Arts and Theater with the specialization of theater studies and criticism. During 1990-1997 she worked as an Editor and Script Writer of literary and cultural radio programs of Radio Drama Department of the Television and Radio Committee of Armenia (Public Radio of Armenia).
Since 2011, Nune has been working as a Journalist and Media Analist of website of Media Initiatives Centre NGO (former Internews Media Support NGO). Also published reviews and articles at (Investigative Journalists` Platform) and (cinema and art) websites. Member of the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists. Member of International Assosiation of Art Critics`AICA-Armenia.


The handmade awards for the winners of the SunChild 6th International Environmental Festival’s 3 competition categories – “Wildlife”, “Environmental Issue” and “Children and Youth” – are made of recycled metals.

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These unique art works are designed and created by a distinguished artist, founder of Baghdasar Studio Sargis Baghdasaryan.


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