Jeans as a material for art-Karen Barseghyan

Place: ”Ilik” crafts store and a cafe
Date: November 11
Hour: 15:30

We will create artistic works from jeans, learning how to recycle materials which do not seem to be meant for art at first.


The workshop is organised in frames of the SunChild 6th International Environmental Festival with the partnership of “Hartak” initiative.

Ilik is hosting a Gyumri artist Karen Barseghyan. During the event Karen will speak about understandings of traditional and non-traditional approaches to art, analysis and interpretation of material, and also about our own views and perceptions about approaching self-critique.

The entrance is free.


Karen Barseghyan
Karen’s works have been exhibited both in Armenia and abroad. Since 2007, Karen has been one of the founders of the 15/3 creative club, and from 2008 his works have been exhibited in Gyumri’s Gallery 25. Karen’s pictures on jeans, exhibited in Yerevan, can be distinguished from his original works.