On a planet that faces complex issues that threaten to tear us apart, WE HOPE TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO FIND COMMON GROUP AND THE CONNECTION THAT IS NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN LIFE

We strive to provide a platform for people to come together, learn and create solutions.


The Festival screens wildlife and environmental films from all over the world and hosts workshops, exhibitions and media campaigns designed to foster a culture of environmental stewardship. During the 9 years of the festival’s existence, more than 300 films from 150 countries around the world have been screened. The SunChild International Environmental Festival is the first and only of its kind in the South Caucasus region.

The Festival takes place in autumn, but it also hosts screenings and workshops year round throughout Armenia for youth. This provides a space for youth to understand and engage environmental issues in order to find local solutions.

SunChild International Environmental Festival has been organized annually since 2007 by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and VivaCell-MTS.




Steve Bradshaw

Levon Galstyan

Vahram Martirosyan

Azuan Muda


Steve Bradshaw is an Emmy award-winning UK film-maker and journalist. He has written, produced, and edited over 200 TV and radio documentaries from over 40 countries. As a reporter for BBC TV’s flagship current affairs weekly Panorama he made some of the first documentaries about the politics of global warming. Steve also presented BBC radio’s first environmental news series. His awards include the Columbia School of Journalism Award for Outstanding Environmental Reporting. H-Net wrote of his most recent independent documentary, Anthropocene, about the creation of our artificial Earth,  “The more people watch this film…the more hope we will have.” Steve is married to Jenny Richards, formerly Deputy Director of Television for the Environment.


Levon Galstyan member of coordinating council of Armenian Environmental front Citizens’ Initiative. Was born in 1967 Lenagan (nowadays Gyumri). After graduating from local school number 18, studied at YSU faculty of Geography (1984-1991).He is geographer and  geomorphologist  by profession. Even though his working experience in different fields after USSR collapse, his profession and  passion toward were always part of his life and activities.  Since 2011 (Trchkan waterfall environmental activities) he has been working on different environmental projects in Armenia.  With support of volunteers various environmental problems were  brought into public attention  such as mining, not rational use of water and it’s pollution , illegal deforestation, control of household garbage and etc. Co-founder and coordinator of Armenian Environmental front, group of environment lovers, whose goal is development and implementation of systematic steps in the field.


Writer, essayist, scriptwriter, translator, philologist. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Yerevan State University and Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow. Has published 10 books, among which “Landslide” novel and “The Stupid Man” novelette were translated and published in French, Russian and other languages. The “Landslide” was adapted into a screenplay for a movie currently being filmed. Member of founder team, vice-presidnt and host of several programs of “Ar” independent TV company (1997-2000). Has collaborated with Armenian Public Television as well as RTR and NTV Russian TV companies as a scriptwriter. He is the author of award-winning scripts “Charents” and “Escape from the Holy Land”.

 Vahram has been teaching scriptwriting at the Higher Cinema School of the “Golden Apricot” film festival. He currently manages “Lratun” media museum project at the Media Initiatives Centre.


Azuan Muda is the co-founder of TEEBTV, the “Netflix for Indies”, a multi-platform online media company showcasing independent content based in Jakarta.  As a producer, he believes that Teeb TV is the best avenue or outlet for independent filmmakers to share and publicize their content to the world. With more than 5 million market reach, Teeb TV harnesses its distribution networks in Indonesia and in the region.

He was awarded the LinkedIn’s 2nd Most Engaged Marketers 2015 ranking in Malaysia for being an observant speaker/writer, advocating storytelling, digital content strategies and content marketing.

He is a jury for several local film festivals including Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016 and 2017. He looks two things in films – the story and the storytelling. Currently, he is curating a film grant framework for a government agency in southern part of Malaysia.

Bessie Byrne

Utpal Borpujari

Anahid Abad

Armine Vosganian


Bessie Byrne is an award winning environmental filmmaker with a Masters of Journalism. She is the producer of the documentary Tunnel Vision (2016, Aus) and has portfolio of short films and broadcast productions. She is also one of the organizers of The Environmental Film Festival of Australia and is the producer of the REEL IMPACT: Environmental Film Industry Development Conference. She previously worked as a radio show host and has created radio documentaries for stations in Victoria. Bessie is passionate about animal rights, protecting environments and empowering women to be leaders in the film and environmental sectors. She spent 2017 working with OTOXO productions in Barcelona and her film L’Estoc is currently touring festivals.


An M.Tech in Applied Geology from Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee), Utpal Borpujari won the Golden Lotus from the President of India for the Best Film Critic at the 50th National Film Awards of India in 2003. As a professional journalist, apart from cinema, he has written extensively on politics, society, culture, literature, etc., while working with some of India’s top media houses. Since 2010, when he decided to turn a filmmaker, he has made several acclaimed documentary films that have been screened across the world in various film festivals. Among them are “Mayong: Myth/Reality” (2012), “Songs of the Blue Hills” (2013), “Soccer Queens of Rani” and “Memories of a Forgotten War” (2016). Borpujari has also served in international film juries as an erstwhile member of the International Federation of Film Critics, apart from having served on juries for National Film Awards. He has also curated films as well as served as a consultant for the Northeastern sections in the International Film Festival of India as well as various other film festivals. “Ishu” , his debut fiction feature in Assamese language, has been completed recently.


Iranian born Armenian, Anahid Abad has directed and produced films for almost 20 years. She received her education from the Cinema & Theater University of Tehran, Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance of Iran and the Armenian National Prelacy of Tehran. Anahid’s documentaries and movies explore Armenian identity in Iran; they focus on documenting Armenian cultural bastions in Iran and the surrounding area. She is a founder of the Museum of Iranian Cinema and a current member of the Cinematic Union’s Coordinating Committee of Iran as well as the Head of Cinema Assistant Director’s & Program Planners Institute of Iran.  Armenia has selected movie Eva, directed by Anahid Abad, as its contender for the best foreign-language film race at the Oscars.


Armine Vosganian has graduated from both Theatre Acting and Film Directing in 2014 at National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest, Romania and a MA Film Making degree at London Film School, UK.  Three of UNATC projects  she has directed : Happy Birthday (original short fiction), When death ceases to come (documentary based on the story of a survival of the Armenian Genocide) and The Lovage Bundle (docu-drama based on coal miner uprising in Bucharest after the revolution) were shown in several Romanian and Armenian festivals in Romania and abroad.  The controverted dissertation project “Lilith”, produced by London Film School, which explores the inner conflict of a Romanian woman who practices BDSM, will have its premiere this fall.

Armine has been working closely with her parents, adapting her father’s prose and poetry, and combining her mother’s music with well-known Romanian bands for her films. The family had worked together on operas which were performed at the National Opera of Bucharest. In the present, Mihaela and Armine Vosganian are the founders of the musical movement of Archetipal Transrealism, launching an album of sound therapy entitled “Into my GongSelf”.

In 2014, Armine becomes a co-founder of a theatre company, along with her classmates, called RAMPA where she’s been working as an actress, playwriter and producer. In 2016, Rampa was invited to International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston, London to perform one of their Armenian-Romanian historical black comedies, Staipelochian. This play is inspired by the novel “The Book of Whispers” by Varujan Vosganian, work which led to his three times nomination for the Nobel Prize, representing Romania, Armenia and Israel.

In 2015, Armine and Marina Hanganu, a Central School of Speech and Drama graduate, produced one of the first telematic one woman shows in Romania. This project has then developed into a telematic performance studied in several high schools across Romania.

she is directing a documentary on Armenian Diasporas.  Armine can, also, be seen performing in several plays and concerts in Bucharest and other cities across Romania.


The handmade awards for the winners of the SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival’s 3 competition categories – “Wildlife”, “Environmental Issue” and “Children and Youth” – are made of recycled metals.

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These unique art works are designed and created by a distinguished artist, founder of Baghdasar Studio Sargis Baghdasaryan.


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