Ani Hovak: Out of the frame Exhibition

Place: Enoteca EVN
Date: October 12
Hour: 19:00

And who said that the musicians don’t paint? They do paint and we will exhibit those paintings.


SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival and Enoteca EVN invite you to meet Ani Hovak and around a glass of wine.
Come, enjoy and have a glass of wine!


Ani Hovak creates amazing huge collages from industrial waste and various household items though that she is into minimalism.


Iron waste often becomes important part of the compositions. Ani always looks for new materials; she creates art works from anything: rusty keys, lamps, screws, nails etc, anything you can or are not able to imagine. Ani often gets materials from friends. If you have such stuff bring it with you, give it to Ani and get chocolate (don’t bring too heavy stuff though, such as tractor parts).


October 12-13 “The Universe”

October  14 “She”

October  15 “inwardly”

October 16  “City”

October 17 “In the Depth”


P.S. You can meet Ani only on October 12 at 19:00 in Enoteca EVN.