Oil Sands Karaoke


Director: Charles Wilkinson
Production Country: Canada
Production Year։ 2014
Duration։ 82 mins



An unlikely group of rugged oil patch workers reveal extraordinary depth of character as they compete to win a karaoke contest in the remote Northern oilfields.

But it’s not just any oilfield. Northern Canada’s controversial Oil Sands project is the 2nd largest deposit of petroleum on Earth and the largest mine anywhere. The multinational oil corporations call their product responsible, terror-free oil. Global activists brand their product ‘dirty oil’. The debate within the scientific community is over – our world is choking to death on the fumes. And yet we continue our headlong rush down this path.

How do the men and women on the front line feel about what they do?

Oil Sands Karaoke. A karaoke contest in the Oil Sands. Really.