Totebags making workshop

Place: AGBU
Date: November 12
Hour: 17:30


It is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with the many environmental problems facing Armenia and the world. That’s why Toprak Petq Chi will show you how just small changes in mentalities and lifestyles can lead to significant cultural and societal shifts regarding waste, recycling and sustainability. We’ll show you how attainable these changes are through our own example, of how we challenged societal norms concerning the overuse of plastic bags by providing people with cloth bags!

The workshop is organized in frames of the SunChild 6th International Environmental Festival in partnership with “Hartak” initiative.

The workshop will have a practical part on how to personalise cloth bags using stencils and spray paint, and you’ll have the chance to design your own reusable, environmentally friendly bag!

The SunChild 6th International Environmental Festival will take place from 11th to 14th of November in Yerevan.

The grand opening ceremony will take place on November 11, 17:00, in “Moscow” cinema, Blue Hall.

The entrance is free.

About the Toprak Petq Chi initiative
Toprak Petq Chi is a community project funded by Awesome Foundation Yerevan in July 2016. Our main goals are to first, generate awareness on the dangers of pollution from plastic bags in the environment and second, promote the use of reusable cloth bags when shopping in Yerevan as an alternative to accepting plastic every time you go shopping. Our plan is to create a pop-up totebag-making station, where passersby are invited to stencil their own designs (or those of local graphic designers’) onto blank, reusable canvas bags and take them home with them, on the condition that they use them to transport their future groceries. We believe that if people interact with the alternative, they will be more likely to put it to use and encourage their friends and families to do the same.