Brass, Three Down


Director:  Henry Iddon / Richard Berry
Production Country: United Kingdom
Production Year։ 2017
Duration։ 10 minutes 54 seconds
Produced by:



Short synopsis – As far back as 1660 Arctic Charr, from Windermere in the English Lake District were a culinary delicacy caught and preserved by potting, or made in to pies, they were then dispatched across the UK to be enjoyed at the tables of the upper classes.However over the past few decades stocks have declined due to environmental pressures – through phosphate pollution and an increase in water temperature due to climate change. As the population declines, so have the number of those who fish for them using traditional and unique techniques. Equally the culinary skills to prepare potted Charr are being lost along with the manufacture of the pots used to preserve them in.This film brings together the environmental issues facing Windermere, as well as celebrating the roll Arctic Charr have played in the cultural life of Cumbria and the Lake District.